MSc RUPS students publish – Focus on Tulse Hill

This report (click here for a copy) is the culmination of work carried out by an independent, external research team of LSE MSc RUPS students between March and June 2014. The vision of this project was to synthesize past research with new insight, compiling a more complete and accurate picture of the reality in Tulse Hill, an area in central Lambeth characterised by persistent neighbourhood deprivation. By combining geographic, ethnographic, statistical, and economic analysis into a single package, the team aim to portray a holistic view of the assets, challenges, and opportunities for the Tulse Hill area.

Aims and Objectives

This research was commissioned in order to produce a comprehensive data package that could be used to drive regeneration initiatives going forward and to promote more ‘joined-up’ strategies for Tulse Hill. Lambeth Council is committed to pursuing regeneration based on existing assets of its neighbourhoods, enhancing and celebrating the strength of existing communities while meeting the needs of both current future residents. This report specifically seeks:

  1. To show the potential of the Tulse Hill area by focusing on an asset- based approach to neighbourhood regeneration.
  2. To better understand the unique role and contribution of the Tulse Hill area to the borough of Lambeth.
  3. To understand the barriers and opportunities that exist between current community initiatives in Tulse Hill.
  4. To understand how the changing policy context can impact Tulse Hill and how new policy instruments can potentially be harnessed to promote positive regeneration.
  5. To explore comparator neighbourhoods that have successfully capitalised on asset-based models of local regeneration and reduced persistent deprivation, while avoiding more or less sucessfully the risks of gentrification.



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